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Mobile Apps + Cloud Backends.

Xamarin + Azure

Nuboid builds mobile apps and cloud based backends.

Cloud Application Architecture Migration
Cloud/Mobile Application Development
Azure Solution Templates
Azure/Xamarin Solution Templates

Moving your applications towards a Cloud deployment needs guidance to be successful. Guidance that delivers best practices, avoids pitfalls and helps to migrate your applications in a structured way leading to a correct and valuable cloud solution.


CTO’s need to define a cloud strategy that brings the applications to the cloud without taking risks, with low costs and with an optimal result for the future.


Attentions points in this guidance are : PAAS vs. IAAS strategies, ROI calculations, application portfolio prioritizations, cloud roadmap guidance, build vs. buy decisions.

Many solutions are based on a mix of some common patterns. Instead of investing huge amounts in building a cloud solution from scratch have a look at existing templates which can be fine-tuned towards your scenarios. See available templates.


Azure Solutions Templates give you a jumpstart to build a cloud solution.


Templates include: asynchronously background processing for document generation, high volume input traffic from devices, scalable short term ticket sales scenarios, proactive data generation for mass consumption, integrations with on premise back ends, ...

Proof of Concepts for Cloud
Proof of Concepts for Cloud/Mobile

Whether an application can be migrated towards cloud will be most often based on a Proof of Concept.


This POC will reveal the feasibility and the costs associated in migrations and supports a go/no-go decision fur further investments.


A POC also brings value to the team as a learning experience and is an important element in your cloud strategy. A POC can be delivered in a matter of days and is an inexpensive reference line for further development.

.Net Cloud Architecture training
Azure/Xamarin Architecture training

Cloud applications need a different approach in architecture. Traditional architecture does not always fit for a cloud solution.


Architects are facing new concepts like operational costs, new patterns for deployments and new technology layers to get the application robust and performing at speed.


A good external architecture training based on practical experience and supported by proven reference solutions is key for a successful migration.


Topics in a training should include : working in a multitenant and public hosting environment, using a fault resistant deployment topology, implementing the PAAS layers like storage, caching, service bus, ...

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