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Nuboid's Services

- ‘Introduction to Cloud/SAAS business’ workshops for business stakeholders and CTO’s of software development companies.

- Cloud architecture consultancy in general, onsite or remote.

- Long term development resource in Azure projects.

- Azure development/architecture training (private or public classroom).

- Coding/troubleshooting Azure applications.

- Migration effort assessments.

- Code review of existing applications.

- Azure Solution templates (sold ‘as is’ or part of migration project).

- Setting up SOA/Cloud reference architectures (as project with or without training in implementation).

- Proof-of-concepts for cloud migrations of application portfolio. (as fix priced project)

- ROI calculations, business model transformation guidance and best practices in moving your business to SAAS. (as recurring long term assistance)

- Helping the CTO in the Cloud Migration Strategy. (as recurring long term assistance)



Need me … Hire me …


I’ll deliver what and how you want it, ... I’m flexible. I’ll work on day rates or on a fixed price project delivering predefined commitments.


Contact me on for an introduction call and availability.

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