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15 months !

Kurt CLAEYS, november 15th 2014


OMG, time flies. Already 15 months, since i wrote my first (and only) post.


Looking back ... did some amazing projects on Azure/WCF and since recently Xamarin Mobile Development.

- I've build a suite of tools and guidance for managing deployments of Azure Cloud Service Applications.

- Delivered public Azure Architecture trainings.

- Assisted a healthcare startup in building a cloud POC.

- Lots of consultancy around WCF security.

- An Azure migration (WCF) project. (ongoing still)

- A cool project for monitoring and scaling Azure Storage Queues.

- Guidance on Federated Identity implementations.

- Delivered 4 times a my Software Architecture training (4x20 evenings through SBM)

- Became Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer

- Developed a Xamarin training

- Some Xamarin Consultancy for local ISV's

- Presented on Azure Management & Monitoring at TechoRama, on Azure PAAS vs. IAAS at the MCT summit Helsinki.

- Was Technical Learning Guide at Microsoft TechEd Barcelona (Hands-on-Labs)


I also started product development of Trizorg.TV, a eHealth service, more about that on


And ... 2 new Azure projects (one around application lifecycle management of Azure and Xamarin apps, another around Azure Architecture trainings) just started !


Starting up Nuboid

Kurt CLAEYS, august 15th 2013


Today I officially started my own company. Nuboid bvba.


It's both a consultancy (in Cloud/Azure architecture and SAAS business consultancy) and a micro-ISV building Azure tools, templates and Azure managment software.


I named my company Nuboid, ... strange name you think ? ... maybe, I need to get used to it myself.

Nubo means Cloud in esperanto language and adding oid just seemed cool.



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