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Azure Solution Templates

Working on more than 25 real life Azure projects (in Belgium, Netherlands and Ireland) I’ve guided to success in the last 3 year as I Microsoft Technical Advisor I recognized a set of recurring patterns.


These are typical patterns than many software companies implement. I’ve build reference solutions for the top 10 most common patterns.


Chances are high that you need is fulfilled for the major part by one or more of these solutions.


You can use the patterns ‘as is’. This could be your proof-of-concept project, your reference architecture or just a base to explore a potential Azure solution.


Or we can define a project around these building blocks and finetune them to be your final architecture. I can deliver customized trainings to your architects to achieve a complete working and maintainable solution in Visual Studio.

Basic Assync Processing Pattern

This template is a basic solution implementing the assynchronously processing of data.


Implementations : User upload pictures though a webpage. The pictures are processed in the background (creating thumbnails, adding watermarks).  

Technologies used  : Azure Webrole, Azure Workerrole, Azure Storage Queues  

Type of pattern : basic, single responsibility 
Code volume : 1 Solution, 3 Projects
Documented : yes



High volume data input from devices to a sharded SQL database


The template shows how to receive data from a high number of devices into an IP Socket listener hosted on Azure which stores data in a sharde (by IP) SQL database.  This listeners receives data from simultated devices.


Technologies used : Azure Webroles, SQL Azure database, .NET 4.5 Socket Class, custom sharding algorithm.


Type of pattern : basic, single responsibility 
Code volume : 1 Solution, 8 Projects
Documented : yes

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